.SHIKSHA Celebrates Indian Education at World Domain Day!

On April 10, 2015, the domain industry, web professionals, technologists, startups and venture capitalists from around the world will gather in India to celebrate World Domain Day. This year is especially important, given the hundreds of new, more descriptive generic top level domains (gTLDs) that have been launched in the last year:  TLDs like .ORGANIC for organic producers, .green for the green movement, .POKER for poker fans, and hundreds more.

Today, a domain name can be a lot more than a web “address” in its literal sense. As Roland LaPlante, Afilias’ Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President, explained in an article in Digital Marketing Magazine, new gTLDs can redefine the customer experience, increase customer trust, and reinforce brand positioning. Now that’s worth celebrating!

The World Domain Day Conference 2015 is the perfect opportunity for businesses of all types and sizes to get educated on the marketing power of new gTLDs. With the event taking place in the tech-buzzing scene of New Delhi, industry leaders in India as well as all over the world will come together and collaborate. From concepts to business benefits, operating models, and logistics, the community can learn many valuable lessons from gTLD experts and early adopters.

Talking about learning in India, .SHIKSHA – one of the new gTLDs launched in 2014 – is a World Domain Day partner and is the perfect fit for this role!  A Sanskrit-derived word, “SHIKSHA” means education. .SHIKSHA is the only TLD designed specifically for education and learning-related entities targeting an Indian audience. For Indians, a name like www.drive.shiksha is much more likely to tell prospects that you have a driving school than www.drive.com. 

At the World Domain Day Conference, the .SHIKSHA team would love to meet up and share our experience. We are excited to see different types of learning-related organizations getting their own .SHIKSHA web address; for example:

.SHIKSHA demonstrates how a meaningful domain name can reinforce brand positioning, as LaPlante described in his article. Just by having a web address ending with the word “SHIKSHA,” entities will automatically position themselves as education-related and specifically for Indian audiences. These targeted prospects will immediately understand who these .SHIKSHA sites are, whom they serve, and what they offer. This is the kind of live example that businesses can see and celebrate at World Domain Day!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015