New .SHIKSHA Top Level Domain Opens Up New Marketing Territory for the Indian Education Market

World Domain Day 2015 was held in New Delhi (India) last month. The new top level domains phenomenon was the hot topic! Unprecedented: Hundreds of new top level domains (TLDs) that go beyond .COM, .NET and other familiar web extensions were launched in 2014 and hundreds more will be launched this year. World Domain Day 2015 was ever more relevant as every member of the Internet ecosystem wanted to understand what the arrival of these new domains meant for THEIR business.

.SHIKSHA is one of the new domains launched in 2014 and has already commanded significant attention from the domain’s target market: the education industry. With the word “SHIKSHA” meaning education in Sanskrit, .SHIKSHA is the perfect new web address for learning-related entities targeting an Indian audience. In fact, many Indian education organizations have already launched a new .SHIKSHA address (see our earlier blog post for examples). Interestingly, even businesses that are not typically considered “education entities” but want to share their expert knowledge have started using the .SHIKSHA web address, like

.SHIKSHA opens up a whole new world of better web addresses for the teaching and learning business: educational institutions, schools, coaching classes, music and sports training academies, language learning centers, self-improvement tutorials, and children classes, etc.  At last, these entities can move beyond a random term address like .com and have an Internet address that communicates their mission:  Education!  This is promising new marketing territory for these firms that can help them more quickly and effectively reach their target audiences.

The .SHIKSHA team was at the World Domain Day event and helped reinforce the many benefits of both .SHIKSHA and new TLDs in general.  Key points include: 

1.       New TLDs are meaningful, easy-to-remember web addresses. They make it clear who you are, what you do, and whom you target. With a .SHIKSHA web address, for example, Internet users know immediately you are about educating Indians. For those who are searching for such organizations, your web address will help make an instant connection.

2.       Good domain names are hard to find now on .COM and .NET as they already have over 130 million names registered. With the new TLDs, on the contrary, many awesome names are still available because the domain is so new. On .SHIKSHA, for instance, many schools and businesses were able to register their organization’s name as their domain name – easy and perfect for branding consistencies and brand recognition.

3.      The new TLD phenomenon marks the beginning of a new Internet era – and people are thrilled about the new opportunities opening up. From businesses to young professionals and even students (yes, in India, many students are rushing to get into the Internet domain industry), people want to be part of this evolution. Of course, the new TLDs are still a new concept to many within the Internet ecosystem and more so to consumers. And with opportunities come unknowns and risks. That’s why conferences like World Domain Day are important – they bring early adopters, industry leaders, and subject matter experts together so industry members can learn from one another.


The .SHIKSHA team, in its full “SHIKSHA” spirit, is committed to sharing what we have learned from our own experience. We will continue to post our thoughts in this blog, and let’s keep the dialogue going on social media:

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Share with us how .SHIKSHA has helped reshape YOUR online marketing strategies! Happy Learning! 

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015